Feed - Mira Grant I looooved this book! It was one of those books that really snuck up on me with how much I loved it. I was really into it the entire time, and every time I put it down I was excited to pick it back up to see what was going to happen. But I didn't think I was really getting a good connection to the characters and that is what it takes to get me REALLY into a story. The characters seemed interesting enough but I wasn't really sure I cared about them.. UNTIL THE END. Omg :( I didn't even realize how much I cared about these characters and their relationships until George died in the end. I was in the airport reading this, crying my eyes out. I just felt so heartbroken!

That was when I realized that Feed had moved from being 'entertaining' to 'loved'. I give it a 5/5 and I am definitely interested in reading the rest of the series at some point!

What I loved:

1) I loved George and Shaun's relationship, even though it crossed the line of appropriateness a lot of times I just loved it! It was so awesome to see an atypical "romance" (it wasn't a romance, but almost was XD).. caring about someone more than you care about yourself, and seeing how much they depend on each other. Oh man, it makes my stomach hurt again to think of Shaun after George died :( so horrible, agh.

2) The development of how the zombies came to be in this world. It was pretty interesting to think of how these miracle cures came together to create such a monster. It was interesting to think that every single person was infected already, and that nobody could escape it. It seemed like this scenario could really happen and it's scary!

3) All of the political stuff. I don't normally think politics are exciting, but it was handled in a very entertaining way in Feed.

Things I didn't like

1) Tate seemed way overboard as a villain. He just seemed way over the top and didn't feel right in the end when he was discovered. He felt more like he belonged in a comic book as a villain than in this book.

2) Rhyman. I really liked him at first, but he seemed to turn into a total ass-hat towards the end. Like wtf dude, these are the ONLY people who took the time to investigate his daughter's murder out of everyone. Yet he tries to freeze them out of the campaign, and then is a complete ass to George later when she is trying to tell him about Tate. I was just really disappointed in him, since I really liked him in the beginning and he seemed to really care about the journalists. But then he just did a complete 180.