The Shining

The Shining - Stephen King I loved The Shining so much, and was hooked from the very first page. So much great character development, I was surprised how much I ended up caring for the characters. So this book was a definite 5/5 for me.

I was surprised the most by how much we get to know each one of the characters and how realistic each of their stories were. They really felt like real people, and reacted to things in realistic ways. Even Jack with his craziness.. I could see how that would evolve after everything he had been through.

Also I was pretty surprised at how much The Overlook became a character of it's own. It started coming to life towards the end, and it was very interesting to see how it would try to influence the people in the hotel.

I also liked how Danny tied into everything. That he was helping The Overlook come to life even more was kind of awesome and scary at the same time. Things were just images until Danny came to the hotel, and then things were able to come to life. I wonder what the hotel would have accomplished by killing him and adding him to the ranks? I would think that Danny's power wouldn't be useful to them if he was dead, but maybe it would. Maybe they wanted him with them so that they would ALWAYS have the power to come to life?

I really liked the ending and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time while reading it. Was anyone going to die??? Omg Jack is going INSANE!! Runnnn Wendy! XD Wendy's beating was so brutal, I was not expecting that. And I'm surprised she even survived. I'm really happy that Hallorann survived as well and was able to become a big part of their lives after they escaped. That was really awesome.

My favorite part of the ending was when Jack came back to himself and he told Danny that he loved him and to run. It was so heart breaking :( But I'm really happy that happened. It really proved that the hotel had taken control of him and he didn't just go crazy.