Hyperion - Dan Simmons ugh, this book left me so irritated!

The premise of this story is that there are 7 people chosen for the pilgrimage to the Shrike, who is kind of a f'ed up god on Hyperion who loves murdering people for seemingly no reason. These 7 pilgrims will all make a request to the Shrike and he will choose one of their requests to fulfill, and then MURDER THE REST OF THEM D:

This entire book was their journey to Hyperion on their way to see the Shrike. The 7 pilgrims are all confused why they were chosen for the offering since they don't seem to have anything in common. So they go through one by one to tell their stories so that they might be able to find some common thread. In this book, we only get 6 of the stories from the pilgrims and they still haven't come to any conclusions on what ties them together and I'm just as confused as I was at the beginning as to what this all has to do with anything.

Out of the 6 stories I despised 3 of them, and enjoyed the other 3. It was very miserable to get through the stories I despised. And I was left wondering who the heck would be able to verbally tell stories with so much description. When people are telling stories, do they really describe every detail of what something looks like? I don't think so. And one of the stories was sooo much TMI, I just couldn't believe someone would tell random strangers some of the things that happened in their life.

The thing that really grinded my gears though, was that absolutely NOTHING happened in this story! They haven't even met the Shrike yet, and there were no conclusions made about how the people relate to each other. This entire book was just us getting to know the main characters. A huge book of nothing. I don't even know if I'm interested enough to find out what happens in the next book. Maybe I'll look it up online