Parasite - Mira Grant 4.5 stars -
I loved this book so much! Once the action got started I was just so excited to hear more about the story every single chance I got.

**************SPOILERS BELOW*************



The only thing that shaved off that half star was that the "twist" at the end was pretty obvious almost from the beginning. It started off as a "I know Mira likes to mess with her main characters, so Sal is probably a parasite". After that the whole book turned into me trying to figure out the logistics of how Sal is already a parasite. Once we met Adam and Tanzy it was pretty much solidified on how it happened. Even though I was expecting a twist from Mira, I'm feeling like it would have been pretty obvious to anyone even if they didn't expect shenanigans from Mira

Overall though, it was such a fun ride and I can't wait for the next book! Ahhh!